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Make Your Dessert the Best Meal of the Day: Add Chocolate!

Make Your Dessert the Best Meal of the Day: Add Chocolate!

We all know that chocolate makes everything better, especially dessert!

We all know that chocolate makes everything better, especially dessert! But exactly how does it do this? Well, it turns out that adding chocolate or cocoa powder to a recipe can actually change the structure of your favorite dessert, not just the flavor. Have you ever wondered why that chocolate cake turned out just a little dry when you added extra cocoa powder? Or maybe the chocolate icing got thicker when you added chocolate to it? Let’s explore!

Provides Structure

Cooking is art, but baking is chemistry. It takes a delicate balance of “load-bearing” ingredients (like flour and egg whites) and tenderizers (like sugar, oil, and egg yolks) to create soft cakes and decadent pastries, much like chemistry requires a delicate balance of chemicals. While chocolate does contain fat, it adds structure, rather than tenderness to your baked goods. Cakes and cookies that contain cocoa powder don’t require as much flour as those without.

Enhances Texture

Mousse, frosting, glaze, and ganache are all essential components of desserts, but what is it that makes them so smooth and creamy? It’s the fat content, of course! The more fat that’s added to these things, the smoother they will be. Adding chocolate that is high in fat will give your favorite dessert a smooth, creamy texture.

Absorbs Moisture

The flour in your baked desserts is what soaks up all the moisture from the water, eggs, butter, milk, and other wet ingredients. Cocoa powder also absorbs moisture, but pound for pound, actually absorbs more moisture than flour. If you’re adding cocoa to your recipe, make sure you decrease the amount of flour you use.

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