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Mistakes to Avoid While Trying to Make Your Own Chocolate

Mistakes to Avoid While Trying to Make Your Own Chocolate

Believe it or not, you can try making chocolate at home.

Believe it or not, you can try making chocolate at home. There are plenty of technical challenges involved when it comes to making chocolate. You’ve got to be prepared, pay attention, and be careful when handling the chocolate itself. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Using the Wrong Chocolate

First of all, you’ve got to be sure to use the right type of chocolate. Many common brands of chocolate don’t include much cocoa butter in their mixes. Instead, they rely on vegetable oil and other assorted hardening agents instead. The problem is that these ingredients make the chocolate taste gritty and waxy. Instead, use chocolate that has actual cocoa butter in it without other types of additives – that way, the chocolate you get will be smooth and velvety – delicious!

Melting the Chocolate

Chocolate can be a tricky thing. When you want to melt it, though, you’ve got to do it carefully. If you don’t, you might end up burning the chocolate by accident. Melting it in the microwave does work, but you need to do it with a high degree of caution, stopping  and stirring the chocolate so it melts evenly. Although you might think it’s smart to use a glass bowl, do remember that glass holds onto heat. This means that the temperature of the chocolate will continue to go up. To avoid scorching the chocolate, you need to heat it until it’s about 80% melted, stopping to stir it frequently.

Tempering It Incorrectly

Tempering the chocolate is also hard to do. Tempering done so that the fats can be evenly distributed throughout the bar. It’s another example of how temperamental science can be. For dark chocolate, make sure it’s 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit; for milk chocolate, make sure it’s 86-88 degrees, and for white chocolate, make sure it’s 82-84 degrees.

Using Molds That Aren’t Dry Yet

The mold you use also matters. You might not realize this, but chocolate and water aren’t friendly with one another. Don’t rinse the molds; any moisture left behind will make the chocolate grainy.

Freezing It

When you bring home some chocolate from the store, chilling it in the freezer can add another dimension of flavor to it. Still, freezing homemade chocolate is inadvisable. This reverses the effects of tempering and makes the chocolate look dull because the oils start to separate.

Not Storing It Correctly

Storing your chocolate correctly also makes a big difference. Use an airtight container and keep it away from moisture and smells that will affect the flavor of the chocolate.

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