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Nine Occasions that Call for Assorted Chocolates

Nine Occasions that Call for Assorted Chocolates

Here are a few occasions that would make assorted chocolates the perfect gift.

It’s easy to think of chocolate for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. But chocolate can be an appropriate gift for many other occasions as well. Considering how widely loved chocolate is, it can be hard to go wrong with such a sweet treat. Here are a few occasions that would make assorted chocolates the perfect gift.

Baby Shower

While many gifts at a baby shower will be clothes and toys for the upcoming little one, the expectant mother deserves a little something, too. Assorted chocolates are a great present to express your love for the expectant mother and her baby. As long as the mother doesn’t have too much chocolate, it’s perfectly fine to eat.

Engagement Party

What better gift for a couple of sweethearts than some sweet treats? A box of assorted chocolates is a delicacy that can be enjoyed by both partners. While American culture does tend to associate chocolate with women, men will enjoy chocolate just as much.


A graduation card with money is a nice gesture, but it can be a bland gift as well. A box of assorted chocolates is a more personal gift that shows just how special the achievement of graduating is. It also shows the recipient of the gift that there are sweeter things coming in their life.

Moving In

If there are friends who are throwing a housewarming party, it can be tough to know what to bring. One thing a house can always use is food, so why not bring something for dessert? Did you know that pineapples are a symbol of welcome? That makes something like a pineapple cream the perfect gift to welcome someone into their new home.


A birthday present for a child might be a toy, but what about presents for adults? Chocolate is a timeless choice and can be loved by people of all ages. No matter how many birthdays go by, chocolate is always a reliable gift that will be sure to please.

Failing a Test – and Other Tough Times

Sometimes life will bring bumps in the road, and if you have a friend who’s going through a tough time, assorted chocolates can be a great gift to express your sympathy Dark chocolate even stimulates endorphins, which can make a person feel happier, so it can help them get over a hard time more easily.

Girls’ Night Out

We mentioned earlier how American culture associates chocolate with women. Stereotype or otherwise, many women love chocolate. Imagine a girls’ night out, and sitting down to a box of assorted chocolates where everyone can choose their favorites.

Achieving a Goal

Chocolate is a fantastic way of expressing how proud you are for someone’s accomplishments. Chocolate is a wonderful gift that is appropriate for any celebration, whether it’s winning a sports championship, a job promotion, or finishing a home renovation.

Saying Thank You

When you’re grateful that someone is in your life, it sometimes doesn’t feel like enough just to say “thank you.” To help symbolize your gratitude, you can get that special person a box of assorted chocolates. There’s no need for a lengthy thank you note to express your gratitude. All you need is to write “Thank You”, and let the chocolates do the rest.

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