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Nutty For Fudge

On May 12th, people all over will be celebrating national nutty fudge day. That means all the deliciousness of smooth, rich, chocolate fudge with the added crunch of the nuts! Talk about irresistible!

Fudge is actually a relatively new invention compared to many other delicious treats we enjoy. Fudge was created by accident in the 1880’s; someone ‘fudged’ the recipe for another delicious treat creating this wonderful dessert. Hence, the name ‘fudge,’ dictionaries from the early 1800’s defines the word fudge to mean, “to fabricate or contrive in a careless or blundering manner.” After fudge was created, various recipes started showing up all over the world in many different variations. Such as, chocolate fudge, vanilla fudge, chocolate walnut fudge, vanilla walnut fudge, peanut butter fudge and chocolate-peanut butter fudge. Sounds fudgetastic!

Here at Wockenfuss, we are nutty for fudge with nuts. Since 1915, we have been spreading the joy this happy accident, nutty fudge can bring around Maryland and beyond. Why not pick up some nutty fudge and celebrate National Nutty Fudge day on May 12th. We have eight delicious locations serving some of the finest nutty fudge around.

Keep in mind that it is Mother’s Day and we are offering three pounds of fudge for the price of two! So when you’re picking up two nutty fugdey treats, you can grab a free one for mom.

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