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Order Your Halloween Candy Online with Wockenfuss

Halloween Candy OnlineDid you know Halloween is less than 70 days away? Wow! Time flies. Before you know it, adorable ghosts and goblins will be running around your neighborhood, knocking on your door, and screaming “Trick or Treat!” Are you ready? If you really want to give them a treat, give them Wockenfuss this Halloween.

Order Your Halloween Candy Online with Wockenfuss

It’s never too early to start stocking up on Halloween Candy. And Wockenfuss makes it easy. Simply head to, hover over the tab labeled “seasonal” and click “Halloween.” Now you can browse through our extensive list of Halloween candy – candy corn, gummi pumpkins, milk chocolate pumpkin pops, and so much more. When you have decided what you want, simple click “Add to Cart.” Then you can checkout or click “Continue Shopping” to add more delicious candy to your shopping cart. It couldn’t be any easier. Just allow 3-6 business days for shipping.

The Haunting History of Halloween

Celebrated every year on October 31st, Halloween is a favorite of children everywhere. After all, who doesn’t love dressing up and eating as much candy as humanly possible? But where did this tradition get its start?

The history of Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, a celebration of the end of the harvest season. It was believed that on October 31st, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped, allowing spirits to return to earth, wreak havoc, and damage crops. The Druids would build huge sacred bonfires and the people would dress in costumes in an attempt to appease the evil spirits.

When the Romans conquered the majority of Celtic territory in 43 AD, the festival of Samhain became combined with two festivals of Roman origin: Feralia, a day when the Romans traditionally commemorated the passing of the dead, and a day to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees.

In 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV established the Catholic feast of All Martyrs Day (eventually All Saints Day) on May 13th, a feast that was later moved to November 1st in an attempt to usurp the Celtic festival. Then, in 1000 AD, the church declared November 2nd to be All Souls’ Day, which was celebrated similarly to Samhain.

In Middle English, All Saints Day was also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas, leading to the night before being dubbed All-hallows Eve and, eventually, Halloween.

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