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Pairing Chocolate with Champagne


Chocolate-covered strawberries pair well with pink champagne.

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated affair, want to impress your spouse, or just expand your knowledge in the culinary arts, you’ll benefit from knowing some great ways to pair chocolate with champagne. Delight your taste buds and find ways to successfully highlight the beauty in the flavor profiles of the chocolate and the champagne. Follow this guide to get started.

Go for Sweet

Choose a sweet champagne to pair with your chocolate. A couple terms that should jump out at you when you’re making your selection are demi-sec and doux. Another great option is a pink champagne or sparkling wine. Be sure to steer clear of vintage bottles; instead, shoot for selections that have higher residual sugar content.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

If you’re having your chocolate in the form of covered strawberries, pair pink champagne with milk chocolate. This will create the perfect marriage of the red fruit infused into the beverage and the sweetness of the chocolate and strawberry.

White Chocolate

The creamier, sweeter cousin of chocolate requires a selection that has a light to medium body. Another great tip is to look for choices that have lower levels of alcohol and higher sugar content to match the inherent themes of the flavor profile in white chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

Of all the different varieties of chocolate, milk chocolate tops the list when it comes to versatility. This fact gives you access to a greater range of champagne for pairing. The flavor themes within champagne easily pick up the various notes of the milk chocolate, including its high level of sugar and low tannins. Pair milk chocolate desserts like German chocolate cake or even chocolate paired with sea salt with your champagne selection.


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