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Pairing Chocolates with Various Types of Nuts

Pairing Chocolates with Various Types of Nuts

Chocolate is incredibly versatile; it should come as no surprise that you can pair it with other snacks, like nuts, fruits, and berries.

Chocolate is incredibly versatile; it should come as no surprise that you can pair it with other snacks, like nuts, fruits, and berries. What are some of the best ways to pair chocolates and nuts? Here are some yummy ideas for doing it! 

Endless Possibilities 

Chocolate, depending on the cacao, can be very sweet. That means it creates a nice contrast with the saltiness of nuts that you want to pair it with since most nuts have some salt added or are brushed with salt to enhance their flavor. No matter which type of chocolate and nut pairing you favor, you’re sure to find a winning combination! Want to throw walnuts into the mix? Of course, you can! Walnuts are versatile enough to punch up your chocolate bars, along with cakes and brownies. 

The Building Block

Chocolate is also a building block of many desserts, as are hazelnuts. You may have seen a distinctive chocolate-hazelnut spread that brings toast to new heights – well, this is one of the reasons why! Chestnuts, pralines, and almonds all pair with chocolate in fantastic ways as well. Roast the chestnuts, crack them open and dip them into chocolate for a yummy treat. And don’t leave out the coconut, which adds another amazing flavor to the party. Almonds can also be found in chocolate biscotti, cakes, and tortes. Sprinkle some cinnamon on them after blanching them, and make your next batch of chocolates worthy of a storefront window!   

Milk Chocolate Munchies

Many chocolate fans delight in the smooth texture and delicately sweet taste of milk chocolate. Anyone who likes to have the two flavors of sweet and salty come together should pair your favorite type of nuts, such as pecans or almonds, with milk chocolate. You can also indulge in milk chocolate peanuts, which will leave you craving more! 

Dark Chocolate Delights

Now let’s look at dark chocolate. Since dark chocolate tends to be less sweet, different pairings are possible. You won’t notice the complexities of how salty and sweet overlap since dark chocolate has a bolder flavor than milk chocolate, which is more often than not a milder one. Try pairing cashews with dark chocolate for a crunchy treat that comes with a satisfying snap! 

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