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Pairing your Valentine’s Day Chocolates with Wine

chocolate-wine-valentinesdayTo the amateur eye, pairing chocolates with wine might seem like the most romantic choice to impress your Valentine’s Day date or to celebrate on your own. In truth, this can be a rather tough combination to pull off. Many wine experts say to ditch the pairing altogether, but a few tips can turn your romantic combo from a sour experience to a sweet one.

Skip the table wine

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably stop by Wockenfuss and pick up the perfect specialty truffles or chocolate hearts. When you start looking for its perfect alcoholic compliment, don’t go straight for your usual dry Cabernet Sauvignon. The real trick is to find something sweeter. Chocolate is such an intense flavor, that it can overwhelm your standard wine choice. Instead of a sweet and harmonious blend, you’ll be left with an unusually bitter experience. The extreme sweetness of the chocolate will counteract any sweetness in your wine.

The sweet alternative

All of this doesn’t mean that your holiday plans are completely squashed. Wine and chocolate can still go together in a brilliant way, but it takes a little extra thought and planning. Valentine’s Day is your new opportunity to venture into the world of dessert wines. While many stray away from the sugary drink, pairing it with chocolate can cut some of that sweetness. In this case, sweet plus sweet, equals perfection. The sweeter the chocolate, the sweeter the wine you’ll want.

If you tend to reach for dark chocolates, you don’t have to go quite as sweet with your wine choice. If you’re a big fan of milk chocolate and peanut butter cups, then you’ll definitely want to look for wine that falls on the sweeter side of the spectrum. You might even find an excuse to break out the champagne to go along with your light and airy chocolate mousse.

This might seem like a lot to take on for the non-sommeliers in the crowd, but the wine experts at your local liquor store are an excellent resource in choosing the right wine to pair with your Wockenfuss delights. With a little guidance, you can elevate your Valentine’s Day experience to new levels.

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