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Pretzels: A Tasty Twisted Tale

chocolate covered pretzels

Do you know who put the twist in your salty sweet favorites? Pretzels have quite the history.

Pretzels may seem like all-American bar fare, but one look at the history of these savory snacks and you’ll see that they’re so much more. When delving into the origin story of pretzels, your journey will lead you all the way back to 610 A.D. somewhere in Europe. Some stories say Italy; others attribute the treat to Germany or France. One thing is certain: the pretzel has taken quite a journey through time and space to make its way to the shelves at Wockenfuss Candies.

Religious Beginnings

Pretzels are said to have originated at the hands of a monk in Italy around the year 610 A.D. The monk wanted to reward children for memorizing their prayers; he created a doughy treat formed in the shape of a child crossing his arms in prayer. Though this story can’t be proven, most pretzel historians cite this as the beginning of our favorite salty snack.

The first historic sighting of the pretzel is in 1111, on the crest of the German bakers’ guild. From there, pretzels took their place as a popular food to be enjoyed during Lent as well as at the Easter, Christmas, and New Year holidays. The snack was considered good luck, with its three holes seen to symbolize the Holy Trinity.

Crossing the Atlantic

Pretzels made their way to America in the 1700s with the German immigrants known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. By 1861, the first pretzel bakery opened its doors in a small Pennsylvania town. From there, pretzel bakeries grew in popularity as the pretzel itself did, and eventually the switch was made from soft to hard pretzels. Though some attribute the shift to a baking mistake, hard pretzels actually came about as the result of a quest to increase pretzel sales. Hard pretzels last longer on shelves, and travel much better than soft pretzels, though the market for the soft version is still a strong one. Today, 80 percent of American pretzels are still produced in Pennsylvania.

Enjoy Pretzels with Wockenfuss

Today, millions of people enjoy their hard pretzels with a rich and creamy chocolate coating. The pairing of salty and sweet couldn’t be tastier! At Wockenfuss, we can provide you with our chocolate, white chocolate, and sugar-free chocolate covered pretzels.

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