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Salt Water Taffy: A Sweet History

Summer is getting closer, which means beach visits are on the horizon. A sweet summer favorite is salt water taffy, the perfect treat to get you in the mood for the warm days ahead. Salt water taffy has a long history, beloved for over a hundred years. Read on to learn more about this summertime sweet in today’s blog.

Salt Water Taffy

Do you know the history behind salt water taffy?

The history of salt water taffy

Before we get into salt water taffy’s history, you should know one important fact: It doesn’t actually contain any salt water! Although taffy contains both water and salt, they are both found in such small quantities that they don’t contribute to the candy’s signature flavor. So how did the name come about?

Salt water taffy was first created in the summer of 1883 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. During that summer, the area was hit by a massive storm that brought with it torrential rains, gusty winds, and a significant tidal surge. The waves grew so high that they breached the boardwalk and a number of local businesses were quickly flooded with salty ocean water. One of the stores that found itself in a sticky situation was a candy shop owned by David Bradley. When he entered the store the day after the flood, he found that all of his candies had been covered in sea water. In spite of the flood, customers still came to the shop, including a young girl who wanted a bag of taffy. Bradley tried to warn her that all he had was “salt water taffy” but she wasn’t discouraged, and happily purchased a bag of the candy. This gave Bradley’s mother the idea to begin marketing salt water taffy, which forever associated taffy with boardwalks and summertime.

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