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Salt Water Taffy Trivia: Fun Facts and Surprising Tidbits

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Learn more salt water taffy trivia to share with friends and family!

Salt water taffy has been a summertime favorite since the 19th century! Naturally, during such a long lifespan, sweet salt water taffy has had some interesting stories. At Wockenfuss Candies, we indulge in classic taffy flavors all summer. If you’re a real fan of salt water taffy, you may be curious about how this candy has been enjoyed over time. As you snack on your Wockenfuss taffy this summer, your friends and family will delight in the following salt water taffy trivia.

What’s Involved in Taffy Pulling? 

Most taffy makers are still using the same pulling process that was used over 100 years ago. This process involves combining sugar, butter, and vegetable oil, and then boiling it together to create a sticky mixture. The flavor and food coloring are added to create each unique flavor and taffy’s trademark vibrant color before the mixture cools. Then it’s time to pull the taffy! 

Salt water taffy is repeatedly folded and stretched to aerate the confection and make it lighter and easier to chew. Finally, the pulled taffy is laid out in a long rope to be cut into small pieces before being wrapped individually in wax paper. In today’s modern manufacturing world, nearly 1,000 pieces of taffy can be produced a minute! But before modern machinery, people were responsible for pulling the tough taffy until it was just right. 

The Origins aren’t Entirely Known 

One of the most fun bits of salt water taffy trivia is that it gets its name from where it was reported to have originated. While the story tells of a flooded Atlantic City boardwalk shop, no one knows for sure if this is what happened. However, the legend persists, and “salt water” taffy became the name for delicious taffy sold in coastal towns. 

Taffy Pull Parties Were a 19th-century Trend

Today kids love pulling apart their salt water taffy, but in the 19th century, taffy pulling was a social event! Typically held at churches and colleges, taffy-pulling parties would involve a warm kitchen, copper pans, and lots of aprons and strong arms. Molasses or sugar was boiled and cooled before people of all ages would butter up their hands (so the taffy wouldn’t stick!) and pull the candy repeatedly. The trick was timing: pulling too soon meant the taffy was too hot to handle, but if you waited too long, it’s too hard to shape. Taffy fans got a kick out of working together with friends or family to create the best DIY taffy. 

Enjoy Your Favorite Flavors Today 

Today, salt water taffy is sold in candy stores across the county, even if they aren’t on the shore. After enjoying some salt water taffy trivia, you can find a box of your favorite flavors at Wockenfuss Candies. Some of the most popular flavors among all taffy fans include vanilla, banana, and chocolate. At Wockenfuss, our taffy boxes include those flavors plus cherry, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate strawberry, lime, coconut, lemon, orange, peanut butter, root beer, and more!  

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