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Seasonal Delights: Easter Candy from Baltimore Candy Shop

Bunnies hopping around backyards like a game of connect-the-dot, chicks breaking out of their shells, flowers bringing color to the lackluster winter landscape: all of these are things we expect to happen with the change of seasons.

But oftentimes, springtime seems slow to start. Retailers advertise sundresses to be worn by little girls on Easter and Passover, but the weather is rarely warm enough to justify bare arms and legs. Bulbs might bloom and then wither away quickly after a damaging frost. No matter how hard you try to will the end of winter to come, it takes its time leaving the building.

Don’t worry: we have a way to get you excited for spring and the warm weather to come – and it doesn’t require putting on shorts, wishfully hoping for sunshine the day after a snowstorm. It involves eating chocolate. Lots and lots chocolate. And fruity candy, too, because what’s spring without a taste of the fruits that will soon be harvested?

Here are a few of our seasonal specials – whether you celebrate Easter or not, we think these sweet treats will be hard to resist.

Easter Bunnies

We think they look like they hopped right out of a page from one of Beatrix Potter’s books. Choose from milk, dark, or white chocolate, and put a little spring in your step with these solid chocolate delights.

Easter Eggs

Some people like their eggs scrambled. Some overeasy. Others hardboiled. We prefer to ditch the traditional eggs and opt for pure chocolate goodness instead. Well, chocolate goodness filled with cream, nuts, peanut butter, and the like.

Jelly Beans

How can you not be jealous of someone next to you munching on jelly beans? A classic through and through, we’ve got plenty of these fruity candies to choose from.


Wockenfuss Candies is happy to help you greet spring with our seasonal Easter candy – order your Easter candy online today, or stop by one of our shops to start filling your baskets!

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