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Six Types of Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Not Want

Six Types of Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Not Want

We’re letting you know what wedding favors you shouldn’t offer someone, so you can make sure to avoid them.

Have you ever found yourself at a wedding at which you conveniently forgot to bring home the favor? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Nowadays, brides and grooms will often opt to nix the token of appreciation altogether so they can save time and money. But maybe you still want to get your friends or family something special. Just be careful what you choose, as some gifts are better off not given. That’s why we’re letting you know what wedding favors you shouldn’t offer someone, so you can make sure to avoid them.


Some people can find koozies to be plain tacky. On top of that, some people don’t have any good use for a koozie. Wedding favors should provide some use and enjoyment for the ones receiving them, and it can be disappointing to receive a gift only to find out there’s nothing you can do with it. Getting gifts that are also just meant to be wedding souvenirs isn’t the best idea.

Any Gift that Has Your Name on It

We get that it’s your special day, and we want the wedding to be about you. But your guests don’t need wedding favors that continue to remind them about the event. If you want to show your appreciation for the guests who attended, try giving them something with their own names. This makes your guests feel more personally appreciated.

Any Gift with Your Wedding Date on It

Again, your guests don’t need additional reminders on your wedding favors about who got married and when.

Non-Edible Favors

You can’t go wrong with getting your guests something delicious to take home with them. People won’t turn down a box of mouth-watering truffles or homemade cookies. Also keep in mind that non-edible wedding favors have to be stored somewhere, and it’s possible that your guests don’t have space to store cute little trinkets.

One Offs

Your wedding may be a one-time event, but that doesn’t mean you should get your guests wedding favors that have a one-time use. It may be a nice gesture, but those kinds of gifts usually suffer in quality, so it would be best if you passed on that idea.

Super Cheap Trinkets

Your friends and family go out of their way to attend your wedding, and it is often not easy to make arrangements to attend. Don’t thank them with some cheap trinket you bought off a wedding website. These wedding favors also don’t tend to last very long. Your wedding celebrates being brought together with someone you will be with for a lifetime. With that in mind, make sure your wedding favors will last a long time as well.

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