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Sláinte! Four Ways to Pair Chocolate and Beer

Dispensing draught beer in a pub

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Chocolate and wine have had the spotlight for long enough– it’s time to move on to something a little more interesting. Enter craft beer: a complex, interesting, delicious alternative to the pinot noir you’ve uncorked with dessert. From boldly hopped barleywines to subtly spiced ales, the vast range of craft beer echoes the tasting notes of the finest chocolates. Sit back, sip responsibly, and enjoy your chocolate in a new and delicious way!

Dark Chocolate and Belgian Dubbel

The smooth taste of dark chocolate can sometimes come with a bitter edge. Round it off with a beer that’s just as complex, a Belgian Dubbel. They’re like a two-part puzzle piece that you didn’t know you needed.

Gourmet Truffle and Blueberry Beer

Have you ever bit into a truffle without the knowledge of what’s inside? You daredevil, you! Now enjoy your chocolatey surprise with a flavored beer such as blueberry or cherry. This delectable combination will change the dessert game forever. Now you can have your chocolate and drink your beer, too!

Chocolate Pretzel and German Lager

Chocolate pretzels are in a league of their own as a crunchy, salty, sweet treat. Are they making you thirsty? Quench that thirst with a refreshingly smooth German lager. The crisp beverage gives you the perfect excuse to reach back into the pretzel bag!

Chocolate Caramel and IPA

IPAs are known to pair well with rich, cheesy foods, which make them the preferred beverage with caramel chocolates. The buttery, creamy treat is best enjoyed after a meal, before a meal, or whenever you prefer. Wash it down with the IPA of your choice and repeat if desired.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Wockenfuss!

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