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Spring Tea Party Ideas: How to Pair Chocolate with Tea

chocolate pairings

Bring your spring tea party to the next level with these delicious tea and chocolate pairings.

Spring is the perfect time to throw a tea party. The weather is warming up, and flowers are in full bloom. Whether you plan to host a tea party at your home or at a local brunch spot, your guests will love to spend some time enjoying the floral spring air. Of course, no brunch is complete without a sweet, chocolate treat. But which chocolates pair best with which types of tea? Bring your spring tea party to the next level with these delicious tea and chocolate pairings.

How to Complement Flavors

To be sure that you’re getting the best flavors possible with your tea and chocolate pairings, it is important that you use gourmet chocolate that has a pure cocoa taste. The high quality of your tea should match your gourmet chocolate. To enjoy complementary flavors, look for a tea and a chocolate that have different flavor characteristics but are still compatible. If you typically go for tropical flavors, try a honey oolong tea with dark chocolate-covered lemon creams.

How to Contrast Flavors

Contrasting flavors is a great way to experiment with tastes that you enjoy. If you’re adventurous enough, contrasting some differently-flavored teas and chocolates can have delicious rewards. Look for flavors that have completely different characteristics from each other. In this way, the characteristics in each flavor will stand out even more than just eating that chocolate or drinking that tea on its own. If you’re a dark chocolate lover, try pairing a dark chocolate truffle with a light, fresh, mint-infused green tea.

How to Enhance Flavors

Enhancing flavors involves looking for flavor characteristics that are similar. Similar to contrasting or complementing flavors, enhancing flavors will give you a totally different experience of each flavor, even when they are similar. An excellent pairing for enhancing flavors would be pairing a rich, raspberry-flavored tea with some chocolate-covered blackberry brandy cordials.


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