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Summer in Maryland: Ocean City, Orioles Baseball, Crabs, & Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water TaffyWhen you think about summer in Maryland, what comes to mind? Perhaps your ideal summer evening is at Camden Yards watching the Baltimore Orioles take down those pesky Yankees. Maybe you prefer lounging on the sandy beaches of Ocean City. Then again, nothing beats throwing down some old copies of the Baltimore Sun, and devouring a few dozen steamed crabs. No matter how you prefer to spend your summers here in Maryland, one thing is for sure; salt water taffy is probably involved somehow.

Salt water taffy is America’s favorite summertime treat, and for good reason. It is sweet and it is chewy. Nothing beats it. But where did this delicious candy concoction come from?

The History of Salt Water Taffy

Despite what its name suggests, salt water taffy is not made with ocean water. Rather, it is made by pulling and stretching heated sugar until it turns light and fluffy. This pulled sugar is then rolled and cut into bite-size pieces. Salt water taffy takes on flavors easily, and can be flavored in whatever manner the candy-maker sees fit.

Salt water taffy got its start in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the late 1800s after a flood had drenched the city. A young girl wandered into David Bradley’s candy shop looking for taffy. Bradley offered her “salt water taffy” as a joke. The name stuck.

Candy-maker Joseph Fralinger decided to market salt water taffy as a souvenir for people visiting the Jersey shore. The salt water taffy craze quickly spread inland, becoming a popular treat for both locals and tourists.

Today, salt water taffy can be found almost anywhere, from the East Coast to San Francisco and even online through sites like

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Salt Water Taffy and the Sweet Taste of Summer

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