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Sweet Ideas for a Fun 4th of July

Sweet Ideas for a Fun 4th of July

The 4th of July is coming up, and we all love to celebrate the birthday of the USA.

The 4th of July is coming up, and we all love to celebrate the birthday of the USA. Even with all of the grilled food, fireworks, and ice cream floating around, there are still plenty of sweet treats that you can indulge for this huge holiday. Here are some ideas for what you can offer at your patriotic bash! 

Display the Desserts 

When all the food is consumed, you will want to give the desserts the spotlight. As delicious as apple pie is, you can’t miss out on fudge, candies, and anything else that you can dress up in red and white. There are also chocolates and taffy in a variety of colors and shapes that can add to the festivities. 

Give Kids Some Crafts

The next idea is to give the kids in your party some crafts and other fun activities. Try giving them bubble wands, construction paper, snaps, and sparklers. Playing snap crackle pop will help them enjoy themselves, plus, it will be something to keep them occupied in the hours before nightfall when the fireworks can begin.  Also, try letting them make confetti poppers. If you’ve experimented with doing this around new year’s eve, then why shouldn’t you apply it to the other major holiday where confetti is a big deal? Red, white, and blue confetti make for a fun experiment, and it gets even better if you spice it up with gold and silver streamers. 

There’s going to be plenty of noise anyway, so encourage them to make some festive noise for this time of year too. Oh, and if you need an incentive, you can hide bubble gum, taffy, and small chocolates that are filled with mint cream or peanut butter fudge as a way to keep your kids focused on the task at hand, at least before you want to start playing some games.   

Play Some Games

Everyone loves to play games. Corn hole is one fun game that everyone can get together and play. Why consider playing baseball or kickball? It’s another fun way to spend time with your family. Even though pinatas aren’t ordinarily associated with the 4th, hang one up in your yard and have everyone test their strength and see who can break it open. Of course, this means that you should probably fill it with sweet treats that you can only get from Wockenfuss! 

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