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Sweet Sounds: Sugar-Free Candy Getting Better all the Time

sugar free chocolatesSugar-free: for the sweet toothed fanatics of the world, the phrase used to incite reluctance, but advanced sugar-free sweeteners have changed that attitude. No longer reserved solely for diabetics or diet conscious individuals, even former sugar purists are now hopping aboard the sugar-free chocolate craze. 2012 saw the rise of more and more sugar-free products that were flying off the shelves, with international candy companies offering products made delicious with sugar substitutes.

Industry experts are attributing the push in sugar-free confections to the increased consumer demand for high quality candies that are better for them than those loaded with sugar. With this new expectation, candy companies are striving to discover the best sugar substitute: one with zero calories that still actually tastes like sugar. So far, Stevia has proven one of the biggest advances in sugar-free technology, a plant-based, non-chemical sweetener that comes closest in flavor to sugar. Another popular option? Xylitol, touted for its lack of an unpleasant, lingering aftertaste and for not causing spikes in the insulin levels of diabetics.

These advances are pretty sweet, but the true test will be whether sugar-free takes over the market altogether, replacing sugary confections with a lower calorie, all-around healthier alternative. With gum, that has already proven the case: sugar gum makes up only 14% of the market. Chocolate still has some catching up to do, with most manufacturers supplying only a small line of sugar-free options, considered secondary to their products made with conventional sweeteners.

Wockenfuss Candies of Maryland has plenty of sugar-free candies to tide you over in the meantime, our assortment of chocolate and sweets made with sugar substitutes a popular choice for everyone. Order some online today, or check out one of our many Maryland locations to give sugar-free a spin.

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Sugar-free breaks the mold

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