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Sweet Treats for Dad

This Sunday, June 16, 2013 is Father’s Day. For any of you slackers out there who haven’t decided what to get for the man who helped raise you, the time is now. Like every other red-blooded human, he probably enjoys some sweet treats. The great thing is, we happen to offer many different sweet treats. You know Dad’s tastes best, is he a chocolate fiend, a sucker for gummies or is there something else that  really brings a smile to his face.

Delicious Candy Highlights

  • Peanut Butter Kiss – if we are talking about someone who loves taffy and peanut butter, this is the treat for him!
  • Truffles – the interior is filled with rich and creamy chocolate and incased by a harder outer shell of chocolate.
  • Caramel Apples – candy apples are a wonderful mix of healthy and sweet, if your dad is a little bit of a health nut this is the perfect treat.
  • Fudge – for the chocolate enthusiast, we have creamy chocolate and vanilla fudge either with or without nuts.
  • Gummies – nothing will make Dad feel more like a kid again than gummi bears, sour patch kids and everything else we have to offer.

This list is not exhaustive, for any other sweet treats for Dad on Father’s Day or year round, stop into our store to pick up some of his favorites or purchase them online.

Here at Wockenfuss, we are all about delighting your taste buds with our sweet treats. Since 1915, we have been spreading the joy that sweet treats can bring around Maryland and beyond. Why not try a peanut butter kiss on a warm summer day? This delicious treat is only a seasonal item. Visit our website for more delicious goodies and tasty treats.

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