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The Full Gourmet Experience: Seizing Maximum Enjoyment from Gourmet Truffles

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Pairing our gourmet truffles with drinks such as coffee, teas and even some alcoholic beverages is a great way to further indulge in the gourmet truffle experience.

Chocolate truffles are often seen as the pinnacle of luxurious confections. They combine rich, smooth ganache with a rigid-yet-beautiful chocolate shell, and these bite-sized delicacies can contain any number of intense flavors. While it is most tempting to simply pop gourmet truffles into one’s mouth, there are plenty of creative ways to enjoy these elegant confections. The next time you indulge in gourmet truffles from Wockenfuss, consider taking the time to enjoy them in a unique way.

Focus on the Gourmet Truffle Experience

One of the best (and easiest) ways to eat truffles is to eat them on their own. However, seasoned confectioners will tell you that there is a right way to enjoy a masterfully-crafted truffle. Don’t just mindlessly shove truffles into your mouth, one after another. To make the most of a gourmet truffle’s flavor, use all of your senses. Be present and focus on the truffle’s appearance. Does it have a shiny or matte exterior? Does its decoration give any hint as to the flavors within? Smell the chocolate, then bite into it. The chocolate shell should give a satisfying “snap” as you bite it in half. As the soft center melts on your tongue, take note of what you taste. Take your time as you finish the rest of your truffle, and let the flavor linger before you go for another.

Pairing Gourmet Truffles with Beverages

Another way to go on an unforgettable culinary journey with gourmet truffles is to pair them with other foods or beverages. A good cup of coffee goes well with flavors like amaretto, Irish cream, and hazelnut. Subtle teas also make a great accompaniment to many types of truffles. Alcohols like rum, whiskey, and dessert wines can also help bring out the delicate flavors of these elegant sweets. 

Incorporating Truffles into Other Desserts

While it can be quite rewarding to let the truffle’s flavor take the lead, there are plenty of ways to incorporate truffles into other desserts. You can use gourmet truffles to top things like cakes, pies, and cupcakes — a raspberry truffle would make an excellent addition to a chocolate-raspberry cupcake, while a white chocolate rum truffle would be delicious atop a slice of key lime pie. The flavor combinations and possibilities are truly endless, so grab some of your favorite truffles from Wockenfuss and get creative!

A Wide Selection of Delicious Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

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