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The Surprising Medicinal History of Licorice

wockenfuss candies history of licorice

Discover the ancient history of licorice and its previous medical uses!

We all know licorice candy for its scrumptious taste. Its availability in a wide variety of colors from bright red to dark black always allures kids. But did you know your favorite candy has a long history of healing people? Licorice is a shrub that was first found in southwestern Asia. Today it grows naturally in southern Europe and some parts of America. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations would extract the sweetened juice in the licorice root for medicinal purposes. Even today, we use that extract to make candies. So, while today licorice is more often known as candy, licorice root and extract contain some surprising health benefits we can all appreciate. 

Fights Allergies

Suffering from seasonal allergies is common. Whether a runny nose, congestion, or continuous sneezing is irking you, licorice root extract can give you relief instantly. Its extract contains 300 unique compounds which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps people fight against allergies naturally. 

Fights Bacterial Infections

Licorice extract is one of the best herbal remedies for tonsillitis, itchy throat, or any type of throat problem. Just get the extract and make a tea of it. Or use some varieties of licorice candy and keep a piece in your mouth. The enzymes present in it will give you relief from throat pain. 

Keeps People Hydrated

Soldiers traveling across dry areas used licorice root extract to stay hydrated and control their thirst. When you consume it in any form, it produces more saliva, quenches your thirst, and fixes your dry mouth problem. Licorice root can also increase your cortisol levels, which can increase your energy.

Improves Skin Health

Licorice is a natural way to maintain youthfulness and achieve glowing skin. It’s beneficial in improving eczema and treating acne. Sixty adults participated in a study using licorice gel; in two weeks, their skin was noticeably smoother. The 300 different compounds present in the licorice plant help alleviate skin woes. 

Heals Stomach Pains

The licorice plant has been used to heal a variety of stomach pains. Sipping on licorice tea or chewing the root may settle nausea or calm heartburn. Licorice root has also been used to manage pain associated with acid reflux. These benefits are attributed to licorice’s ability to enhance the secretion of gastric mucus, which also helps prevent ulcers. 

So while licorice may be a fun snack for kids and adults alike, it has roots in a variety of creative healing uses. This impressive plant not only makes sweat treats but has helped heal people for hundreds of years!

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