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Thoughtful Flower and Chocolate Pairings

RosesThere’s nothing more classic on Valentine’s Day than the gift of flowers and candy. It’s cheesy and some might find it a little uninspired, but this February 14, you can give the old standby a little luster. Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of all types of love. Whether you are in a serious relationship, a brand new one, or you’re just friends, this sweet combination can let your loved one know you care. When you learn the language of flowers, you can choose the perfect chocolate pairings to make someone feel mighty special.

Romantic Love

If you’re really looking to make a bold statement of love this Valentine’s Day, the classic picks are truly your best bet. Deep red roses are synonymous with love and passion. If you want your special someone to feel like a goddess this weekend, pair red roses with bold dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich and luxurious. Purchase some dark chocolate coffee truffles or dark chocolate raspberry truffles to bring the pair together flawlessly. The combination of the two will show that you are serious about Valentine’s Day. The combo may seem cliché, but with a little explanation, your gift will be a showstopper.

Your significant other may not be a fan of roses and for that sort of rebel, a bouquet of red tulips should do the trick. The red color conveys the same sort of passion as red roses, and the sturdy nature of tulips shows the stability of your feelings. Red tulips are best paired with delicious desserts like dark chocolate covered strawberries.

Budding Relationships

If Valentine’s Day happens to catch you in the beginning stages of a relationship, red roses may be a little bit intense. A really fun option is orchids. Orchids symbolize beauty and are highly coveted. This pretty option can show an appreciation for your date, especially when paired with Wockenfuss’ box of gourmet artisan truffles.

Lilacs not only smell fantastic, but represent first love or love at first sight. Some florists recommend combining lilacs with purple roses for a special air of royalty. Pair lilac with rich and delicious caramel filled truffles. This perfect mix will show off your unique style and give your new relationship a sweet start.


Not everyone has a special date lined up for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show them some love. If you want to show your friend that you are thinking of them, pick yellow roses or tulips. These sunny options will brighten your best friend’s day. Colored lilies are another great choice for celebrating friendship. Pair these sunny flowers with something sweet and fun like peanut butter cups or chocolate covered pretzels.

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