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Three Reasons Why Sweet and Salty Pair So Well

Three Reasons Why Sweet and Salty Pair So Well

Have you ever wondered why dessert is served after a meal? That’s because sweet pairs well with salty.

Have you ever wondered why dessert is served after a meal? That’s because sweet pairs well with salty. It also goes well with savory. No matter what you had for dinner, your taste buds can be amazed in multiple ways all at once. Here are some of the reasons why sweet and salty are best buds.

Different Flavors

It used to be common knowledge that the tongue had different taste zones. Each taste was unique, and the only taste buds that could detect those flavors lived in each zone and nowhere else. How else could you tell spicy from sour? But this theory was eventually disproven. Now we know that the entire tongue is complex enough to distinguish between different tastes on each part of the muscle, no matter which zone it is you are talking about. That’s one of the biggest reasons why “mash-up” flavors are so enjoyable. The tongue and the brain always want something different.

What You Crave

Think about your cravings. What sets them off, and how do you satisfy them? It can be different for everyone, and different purveyors will have different versions of something. All the different brands of ice cream do taste different, after all. Our bodies demand salt and sugar, even if they are often seen as the enemy. Sodium and carbohydrates are important because you do need them to function. But too much is too much. Even so, if you don’t get enough sodium it can hurt your body. Without sodium, your body’s electrical signals won’t be able to transfer from cell to cell as easily. And without carbs, you won’t have the energy you need to help you get through the day.

Trying to Find a Balance

Part of a healthy diet involves finding a good balance. Combining two different flavors provides balance and contrast. It’s when one flavor is overwhelming that things get unpleasant. Occasionally, the mixture of two wildly flavors doesn’t work, But one of the best balances is salty and sweet; it’s delicious and puts a smile on your face. Something else that can put a smile on your face is finding the perfect treat to fit your mood. It doesn’t have to be chocolate-covered pretzels, either. It could be a chocolate peanut butter cup, with milk chocolate on top and a peanut butter core.

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