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Three Tips for Creating the Best Caramel Apples

Try our Milk Chocolate Caramel Apple!

Try our Milk Chocolate Caramel Apple!

Do you love eating caramel apples? There’s little doubt that they are one of the tastiest parts of celebrating the fall. But now that both Halloween and Thanksgiving are behind us, and December is about to begin, how can you keep that delicious caramel in your life? Here are some excellent tips for making gourmet-worthy caramel apples.

Your Caramel is Important

First of all, the type of caramel you choose is important. When you have better caramel, you’ll find that you achieve more satisfying results, too. Instead of having to unwrap all those individual caramels, it’s less frustrating and time-consuming to just invest in a solid block of caramel. Not only will this save you quite a bit of money, but you’ll also have far more caramel to use – one pound is enough to cover four or five medium-sized apples or two or three larger apples.

Wax Off

Next, be sure to clean the wax off of the apples you want to use. While the wax makes your apples look better, it will also make it harder for the caramel to stay on. Cleaning the wax off involves some thorough rubbing with a wet paper towel. After you are done, you should make sure each of your apples has been dried off. Although it may sound odd to use sandpaper on your chosen apples, the sandpaper will remove any lingering slipperiness from the wax. But when you go to use the sandpaper, take care not to puncture the skin on the apples.

Mind the Heat

Melting the caramel is another crucial step. Just don’t overdo the heat, or the caramel will be too soupy and not good for coating the apple. A cast iron dish and low oven temperatures will be your best friend for this step of the process. Another unintentional side effect of using too much heat on your caramel? You might turn it into toffee instead. Unsure what oven temperature to use? If the lowest setting is 200 degrees, then that can work, but see if you can set it to 170 if you can.

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