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A Timeless Candy Combination: Chocolate and Nuts

chocolate and nuts

With candy combinations that taste this heavenly, there’s every reason to say yes to a tasty nut and chocolate treat.

The sweet and savory combination of chocolate and nuts just makes sense, which is why it has been a candy staple for a long time. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate have different flavors that pair well with specific types of nuts. No matter whether you’re a milk chocolate or dark chocolate lover or which type of nuts you prefer, there are chocolate and nut treats that are perfect for you or as a gift for a loved one. With candy combinations that taste this heavenly, there’s every reason to say yes to a tasty nut and chocolate treat.

A Pairing for the Ages

The pairing of chocolate and nuts goes together easily and smoothly. No matter what kinds of nuts you like, there is a decadent, gourmet nut and chocolate treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Each nut provides different flavors that change the dynamic flavor of either dark or milk chocolate. If you’re a person who prefers the basics, you’ll love simple milk chocolate-covered cashews. If you’re someone who would like to add a third element of flavor to the mix, chopped pecans mixed with caramel and covered in milk chocolate is the nut and chocolate candy for you.

Dark Chocolate Delights

Dark chocolate is a great option for pairing with almost any other flavor. Since dark chocolate is a bit more bitter than milk chocolate, the way dark chocolate combines with nuts can create very different flavor dynamics. If you enjoy the sweeter, mild taste of almonds, dark chocolate almond bark is a combination that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied. If you like the idea of dark chocolate bark but aren’t a fan of almonds, try dark chocolate cashew bark for a richer, buttery flavor.

Creamy Milk Chocolate Candies

Even if you consider yourself more of a milk chocolate lover, there are many chocolate and nut candies for you. For a sweeter, smoother chocolate and nut combination, milk chocolate-covered peanuts are a delicious option. For hazelnut lovers, milk chocolate hazelnut truffles offer the perfect balance of both nuttiness and creamy milk chocolate.


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