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What is Chocolate Bloom?

Learn more about chocolate bloom.

Learn more about chocolate bloom.

Have you ever opened the wrapper on a chocolate confection to find that there was a white-colored streaking or dust across it? If you’re wondering what these odd markings are, you’re not alone. Sugar or fat blooms, as they’re often called, are a natural occurrence that is fairly common. Don’t worry, it’s still safe to eat your chocolate. Today we’ll be telling you a little more about these interesting occurrences. 

Sugar Blooms 

The first thing to remember about your chocolate treat is that its made from only a few ingredients including cacao beans and sugar. Next, we’ll have you recall that sugar dissolves when in contact with moisture. If your chocolate has a dusty, grainy-looking, white coating, it’s a sign that you have a sugar bloom on your hands. Often, sugar blooms occur because the chocolate was left in a moist environment; humid climates can cause a bloom but so can the condensation resulting refrigerating chocolate. This moisture will dissolve sugars on the surface and draw them to the top of the bar; if you were to wet the chocolate bar again, or melt it, the sugar would dissolve once more. To prevent sugar bloom, keep chocolate in a dry environment and at a consistent temperature. 

Fat Blooms 

When exposed to heat the cocoa butter in chocolate can melt and separate from the other ingredients, causing the grayish stripes and marks indicative of a fat bloom. When this happens the chocolate will no longer be tempered and will lose its shine. A chocolate bloom can cause a slight change in flavor that many dislike. In both types of chocolate blooms, there is a chance that the texture of the chocolate will be affected. That said, both are still safe to eat or cook with.  

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