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What Makes Chocolate Covered Pretzels So Good?

wockenfuss candies chocolate covered pretzels

What makes chocolate covered pretzels so good? Read on to find out!

There are a few perfect combinations in life: Bacon and eggs. Toast and jam. Chocolate and pretzels. 

If you’re wondering why chocolate covered pretzels are so delicious when they’re so simple, read on. We’ve been in the chocolate covered pretzels business for a while, so we’ve figured it all out. 

It’s Comfort Food

When you need a little pick-me-up, you probably turn to comfort food. But what is comfort food?

It usually has carbs in it, so it fills you up. Pretzels are baked with high-quality flour, but they still check the carbs box! It’s probably a little decadent. Not something you would normally eat, and definitely not scale friendly! Chocolate checks all those boxes.

Finally, a lot of comfort food is sweet, which chocolate covered pretzels definitely are. So, if you’re someone who usually turns to ice cream when you want comfort food, maybe it’s time to try something new. Or why not have the best of both worlds and dunk your chocolate covered pretzels into your ice cream?

It’s Salty and Sweet

You know how some people like salty snacks, and some prefer sweet ones? Well, there are some perfect foods that don’t make you choose – and chocolate covered pretzels are one of them. 

The pretzels themselves have just enough coarse salt sprinkled onto them to add some crunch and a salty kick, and the chocolate is smooth and sweet. Move over, salted caramel – there’s another salty and sweet snack in town! 

It Won’t Give You Messy Fingers

Have you ever noticed how some of the best snacks give you messy fingers? Cheesy puffed chips turn them orange and sticky. Buttered popcorn makes them greasy, and many candies shed their color all over your hands!

Chocolate-coated pretzels are perfect. They won’t melt while they’re in the bag, and they’re small enough to pop in your mouth, so you won’t get sticky fingers while you eat them. You can enjoy them nearly anywhere, and no one will ever know! 

They’re Great With Coffee

Chocolate covered pretzels are amazing on their own, but they’re even better when you have them with another great indulgence: coffee. 

Whether you snack on chocolate covered pretzels while you sip a latte or dip them in black coffee to melt the chocolate just a tiny bit, this is a match made in snacking heaven! 

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