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What’s the Difference Between Truffles and Bonbons?

What’s the Difference Between Truffles and Bonbons?

What’s the difference between truffles and bonbons?

Chocolate can be enjoyed any time of day: we’ve seen it used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and, of course, dessert! There are many different ways to enjoy your favorite treat, including chocolate truffles and bonbons. New flavors of both truffles and bonbons are coming out all the time. Let’s learn the differences between the two!


Truffles are made from chocolate and cream. They get their name from actual truffles, a type of mushroom that’s considered a delicacy. These round balls of chocolate feature cocoa powder in the mix as well. You can find truffles in a number of intriguing flavors, and they often have chopped nuts decorating their shells, adding another layer of flavor to the party for your tastebuds. Have you heard the word ganache, perhaps from your favorite baking show, and still wonder what it is? It’s what’s inside the truffle. It’s like the icing on a cake, but it’s made to be much thicker than what you see on a cake. One notable difference between the two is that ganache doesn’t flow, at least not when it’s inside a truffle.


You’re probably still wondering what a bonbon is supposed to be. This is when the center of a truffle is made from something other than plain cream. Examples include buttercream, nougat, coconut, and candied fruit, among others. The coating and shape are also different – which is one handy way you can tell the two apart. Ovals, squares, and nut clusters all count as bonbons, while round spheres of chocolate and ganache are the real-deal truffles. Both bonbons and truffles are incredibly delicious. Why not pick up an assortment of them? After all, chocolate makes a fantastic gift to show someone you care about them – and you don’t have to wait for a special occasion! In the end, you’ll decide based on what you’re currently craving. Truffles let you focus on the chocolate, while bonbons are full of mystery until you bite into one.

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