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Winter Cough? Chocolate to the Rescue!

Winter Cough? Chocolate to the Rescue!

Everywhere you go you hear coughs and sniffles, especially from the kiddos!

This time of year, it really seems like everyone always has some sort of “bug.” Everywhere you go you hear coughs and sniffles, especially from the kiddos! If you’re battling that awful winter cough, you may be in luck! A recent study shows that eating chocolate might actually help your cough!

“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

No need for yucky cough syrup, just grab some sweet Wockenfuss chocolate! The European study compared a group of patients who were taking a regular over-the-counter cough medicine with a group of patients who were using a medicine that contained chocolate. The chocolate made the medicine thicker, allowing it to coat the throat and therefore reducing the urge to cough.

Are there really different types of cough?

You may be thinking that the chocolate remedy may not work for your type of cough. Actually, the “different types of cough” are a myth. There is only one type of cough. Marketing campaigns will tell you that you need to buy different types of cough syrup for different types of cough. In reality, there is only one type of cough – and chocolate is the tastiest medicine out there!

Keep in mind that science is far from knowing all of the different things that can cause a cough, and if you have a cough for more than a week you should definitely talk to your doctor. The next time you’re feeling ill and you’re tempted to take a trip to the drug store, try reaching for your favorite Wockenfuss chocolate; it might actually be just what you need! We hope you feel better soon!

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