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The Wockenfuss Mother’s Day Gift Guide

wockenfuss candies mothers day gift guide

Use our Mother’s Day gift guide to find the best gift for Mom!

Mother’s Day is nearly here. Have you found the best gifts for Mom yet? If you want to give her something that satisfies her sweet tooth, you can find several delightful treats at Wockenfuss Candies. How do you decide which gift is best? Here’s a handy Mother’s Day gift guide to help you make your selections. 

Caramel or Chocolate?

Does Mom prefer caramel or chocolate treats? Chocolate can be smooth, creamy, and mouth-watering, while caramel is a bit chewier and pairs excellently with sea salt.  Consider an assorted chocolate box, solid breakup chocolate, nonpareils, or dark chocolate crabs if she prefers chocolates. 

Our caramel options include carmallows (caramel-coated marshmallows) and soft, buttery Béquet Caramel gift bags of Celtic Sea Salt caramels or assorted flavors. 

Sweet, Salty, or Both? 

At Wockenfuss Candies, you can find a Mother’s Day gift that suits your Mom’s tastes, whether she wants something sugary, sweet, savory and salty, or somewhere in the middle. 

Our sweet options include our numerous chocolate and gummi snacks. If Mom loves her snacks supremely salty, consider one of our many tins of salted nuts, including Salted Cashews, Crab House Nuts, and Barnacle Spice Snack Mix. Some nuts offer something sweet, too, like our Toffee Cashews and Toffee Pecans. Some of our treats combine sweet and salty flavors for an undeniably appealing snack. If Mom likes sweet-’n’-salty treats, consider the Sea Salt King Tut treats, Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, and Chocolate-Covered Cashews.

Truffles or Chocolate Boxes? 

Does Mom enjoy opening a box of assorted chocolates and discovering new tastes and flavors she hasn’t enjoyed before? Or does she want something a little more indulgent with bite-sized or dessert gourmet truffles? At Wockenfuss, you can craft the assorted chocolate boxes of Mom’s dreams and give her a range of gourmet truffles with unbelievable flavor variations. Our chocolate box options include: 

  • Deluxe Assorted
  • Crisp, Nut, and Chews
  • Cream Assortment
  • Sea Salt and Vanilla Caramels
  • Assorted Nuts

Gourmet truffle flavors include decadent options like tiramisu, German chocolate cake, and Champagne, all featuring beautiful and original designs. No matter what you give her, Mom will appreciate the variety and attractive packaging of our gourmet truffles and assorted chocolates. 

Gummies or Hard Candies? 

If Mom prefers candy – not chocolate or caramels – you can find delicious Mother’s Day gifts from our gummi and hard candy selections. Our gummi candies come in various designs, with countless tasty and juicy flavors available. Consider the following options

  • Fruit Slices
  • Cherry Lovers Jelly Beans
  • Gummi Palooza (Regular or Sour)
  • Mini Red Fish
  • Gummi Blue Raspberry Dolphins
  • Sour Peach Buttons
  • Sour Watermelon 
  • Orange Slices
  • Spearmint Leaves

We also have delicious hard candies from Hermann the German in Bavarian Fruit, orange Lemon, Ginger Orange, and Honey varieties. These hard candies pack a sweet, tart flavor with every bite and can be savored whenever Mom needs a pick-me-up. 

Now that you’ve browsed our Mother’s Day gift guide, visit your local Wockenfuss to select the very best gift packages for Mom on her special day, May 12th. 

A Wide Selection of Delicious Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

Head to and browse our wide selection of chocolates and candies; we promise you won’t be disappointed! Wockenfuss Candies is one of the oldest candy makers in Baltimore. We opened our doors in 1915 and have proudly served the people of Baltimore ever since. If you have any questions about our wide selection of chocolates, please contact Wockenfuss Candies by calling 1-800-296-4414 or email When you’re not savoring our sweets, stay satisfied by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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