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3 Ways to Enjoy Nonpareils


3 Ways to Enjoy Nonpareils

There are creative ways to enjoy nonpareils! Keep reading to learn how you can bring your own fun twists to these classic candies.

Chocolate nonpareils are simple-yet-elegant treats that have graced candy dishes and display cases for ages. These confections consist of rich chocolate disks topped with colorful round sugar seeds. Because of their unique texture, bright colors, and rich chocolate flavor, nonpareils are popular among fans of all ages. Still, there are more adventurous ways to enjoy nonpareils than simply popping them into your mouth! Keep reading to learn how you can bring your own fun twists to these classic candies.

Explore Different Colors and Flavors of Nonpareils

While the world of nonpareils may seem somewhat limited due to the simple nature of the treat, there are still plenty of exciting iterations for candy fans to explore. Nonpareils can feature the sweet, silky taste of milk chocolate, the deep intensity of dark chocolate, or the mellow richness of white chocolate. Mint nonpareils bring a new layer of flavor to the game, and even the classic milk or dark chocolate versions of these confections can be jazzed up with different colored candy seeds. 

Bring Nonpareils into the Kitchen

A classic way to enjoy nonpareils is to use them to adorn cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats. Nonpareils have long been featured as decorations for desserts, but some recipes include these candies in a more central role. Some cookie recipes involve rolling nonpareils into the middle of the dough before baking, resulting in a chocolate-filled surprise center. Others call for pressing a nonpareil into the top of each cookie just after baking in order to create a small divot in the cookie, melt the chocolate, and join the two sweets into one cohesive package. When baking with nonpareils, the only limit is your imagination!

Create Nonpareil-Inspired Cookies, Cakes, and Cocktails

Of course, there are more subtle ways to pay tribute to this beloved candy. Consider crafting nonpareil-inspired desserts pairing chocolate flavors with colorful round sprinkles. Dip your next batch of cupcakes into a chocolate glaze or thin chocolate frosting, then cover with a generous layer of sprinkles. You can create this same look on cookies and cakes, as well. Alternatively, indulge in a truly unparalleled cocktail: chocolate martinis, boozy hot chocolates, and chocolate shots can be dressed up with a sprinkle-coated rim, whipped cream, and a nonpareil or two.

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