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Cooking with Chocolate: Creating Savory Flavors

Cooking with Chocolate: Creating Savory Flavors

Chocolate can be used to make a variety of unique and delicious savory flavors.

When most people hear that a dish contains chocolate, they usually assume that it is a dessert. Chocolate can be used to make a variety of unique and delicious savory flavors. Not all chocolate is sweet. Before the sugar or other sweetener is added, chocolate can actually be quite bitter. If you mix it with other ingredients, you can create new culinary experiences for your family, friends, and other guests.

Cocoa-Crusted Fish

Cacao nibs can actually be used as a spice. Put them into a spice grinder and grind onto your dish in place of pepper. They can also make a great crust for a fish filet such as salmon. Cocoa butter can handle plenty of heat; start by spreading some melted cocoa butter onto the skin of your salmon, then press the cacao nibs into it. The cocoa butter should help the nibs stick to the fish better. Flip it over and lightly sprinkle salt onto the flesh side of your salmon filet. Heat up some more cocoa butter in your pan and put in the filet with the skin side down. Once a crust has formed on the skin, flip it over and finish in the oven. Take care not to overcook your salmon; it should still be fairly pink in the center. Finish with a light sauce or just eat it as is, and enjoy!

Chocolate for Breakfast

Sorry, but chocolate for breakfast doesn’t always mean some sort of cake. One idea is that you can mix some melted dark chocolate with almond or other nut butter of your choice and spread it on toast, a biscuit, or some other vehicle (perhaps a spoon? We won’t judge!). Adding some of your favorite jam or jelly will elevate the flavors even more! Another way you can enjoy chocolate for breakfast is to mix it into your oatmeal. If you like your oatmeal a bit thicker, you can take some of your chocolate-nut butter mixture and stir it into your oatmeal.

Cooking with Wockenfuss Chocolate

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A Wide Selection of Chocolate Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

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