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Five Fun Facts about Chocolate

Five Fun Facts about Chocolate

Treat yourself to these fun facts about chocolate.

One thing all trivia lovers delight in is obscure knowledge. One thing all chocolate lovers delight in is naming their favorite flavor of chocolate and thinking about the next time they can eat some. Treat yourself to these fun facts about chocolate.

Chocolate is Celebrated Year Round

July 7 is known as Chocolate Day, and even though that day has come and gone, that shouldn’t discourage you from observing it. No matter what else you’re doing, it’s not hard to have one hand dedicated to holding some chocolate. The reason that July 7 is designated as a celebration of chocolate is because that is supposedly the day it first came to Europe. There are still a few weeks until National Milk Chocolate Day on July 28, and International Chocolate Day falls on September 13. For those with a more selective taste, National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day is on November 7, so start getting ready!

White Chocolate Isn’t Actually Chocolate

You might find it delicious, but technically speaking, white chocolate is not a real variety. There’s no cocoa solids or chocolate liquor used in its creation, which is what sets it apart from its darker cousins. It does use cocoa butter, though, so at least it has that going for it.

Hot Chocolate is Old

Hot chocolate is much older than you think. The Aztecs and other Mexican cultures innovated this tasty drink, which makes it the earliest form of consuming chocolate as a treat. But this chocolate was bitter instead of sweet, and instead of being a way to warm up on a cold day, it was often saved for weddings and other similar occasions.

International Roots

Chocolate, or more specifically, the cacao bean, is originally from Mexico. It is native to Central and South America, and from there it made its way across the world. Solid chocolate first appeared in England in 1847; this solid form isn’t the same as a chocolate bar, however, since it’s powdery. The first chocolate was created in 1842, also in England, by a little-known company called Cadbury. Oh, and milk chocolate followed roughly thirty years later when it was invented in Switzerland in 1875 by Daniel Peter. It took him eight long years to perfect his recipe!

Unusual Melting Point

Have you ever wondered why chocolate can melt in your mouth? It melts around 93 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s different from many other things you can eat, some of which can’t even melt even if it feels like it does.

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