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What Makes Jelly Beans the Best Easter Candy?

wockenfuss candies jelly beans best easter candy

Jelly beans are the best Easter candy because of the range of flavor and fun they provide.

When kids dig into their Easter baskets or collect plastic eggs full of prizes during an Easter egg hunt, there’s one candy that they will always find: jelly beans! What makes jelly beans the best Easter candy? There are a few main reasons why we can’t resist these treats year after year. If you’re also a fan of jelly beans and are ready to stock up on fabulous flavors for Easter next month, visit your local Wockenfuss Candies to browse our unbelievable range of Jelly Belly brand flavors. 

Explore the Jelly Bean Rainbow

At Wockenfuss Candies, we sell the best Jelly Belly jelly beans available. This beloved brand produces an unbelievable range of jelly bean flavors, so anyone can find flavors they love. Here are a few of our available jelly bean flavors: 

  • Very Cherry 
  • Berry Blue
  • Buttered Popcorn
  • Juicy Pear
  • Sunkist Tangerine
  • Tutti Frutti

We also sell a range of delicious variety or theme packs, including: 

  • Cherry Lovers
  • Fruit Bowl Assortment
  • 5 Flavor Sour Assortment
  • 49 Flavor Assortment
  • Spring Mix Bags

Jelly Beans Are a Mess-Free Option for Kids

Jelly beans are one of the best Easter candy options because they are a mess-free treat. Jelly beans filling Easter baskets and eggs can easily be handled by kids or exposed to warm spring sunshine: fortunately, unlike chocolate sweets, jelly beans won’t melt and make a mess on your children’s hands or special Easter clothes. Jelly beans are also small enough for kids to carry around in their pockets or in baggies they can hold onto without leaving them behind. If you want to let your kids enjoy Easter candy without needing to watch over them, jelly beans are the best!  

Jelly Beans Are Easy to Share 

Jelly beans are some of the most fun candies to share with friends and family. They are easy to place into Easter eggs or candy bowls, and their variety of flavors can give people a fun surprise as they taste each new jelly bean. 

You can also have some fun when sharing your jelly beans. Set out different bowls with different flavors, so people can pick and choose their favorites. If you want to enjoy the sweet treats that come with Easter, a bundle of fun flavors, and avoid some mess, jelly beans are the best Easter Candy for your holiday.

A Wide Selection of Delicious Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

Head to and browse our wide selection of chocolates and candies; we promise you won’t be disappointed! Wockenfuss Candies is one of the oldest candy makers in Baltimore. We opened our doors in 1915 and have proudly served the people of Baltimore ever since. If you have any questions about our wide selection of chocolates, please contact Wockenfuss Candies by calling 1-800-296-4414 or email When you’re not savoring our sweets, stay satisfied by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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